Capture A Man’s Heart – 10 Tips For Intelligent Women

1. If a woman loves a man, she is always willing to chatter in front of him. But most men regard it as a living hell. So please shut up.

2. It is a fact that men are more willing to hear flattering words than women. It makes him be able to satisfy his male ego. A lovely liar will obtain more love.

3. Quarrel is a necessary abreaction. It is a way to protect marriage from being cancerous. After an abreaction, the conflict will become simpler than before.

4. From a psychological perspective, a sense of horror will help to inspire lust. If you’re experiencing a tired and boring marriage, just go to see a horror movie.

5. Tears show women’s weakness; tears make a man cave. But you will be found worthless of misusing tears.

6. Men’s long for love is in no way inferior to women. Therefore, you should always show your fiercely possessive love for him. You should try to make him know his importance to you. This kind of importance can inspire men’s sense of responsibility.

7. In front of your lover, you maybe show your inurbanity to ease both pressures.

8. Persuade yourself to compromise on the men’s past.

9. In order to make him love you thoroughly, you should learn how to make an atmosphere of tenderness.

10. Sentimental feeling is contagious. If you think you can make compromises in exchange for his pity, you are seriously wrong. An unhappy woman can not bring true happiness to people around her. Anyway, keep happy everyday.

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2 Responses to “Capture A Man’s Heart – 10 Tips For Intelligent Women”

  1. jay says:

    Intelligent women would not waste their time reading this drivel.


  2. jay says:

    Perhaps if twats like you shut up this world would be a better place. That’s really rude of you to tell women to shut up. What drugs are you taking? I bet you do not allow my comments to appear on your blog site. I note you do not have many comments. Does that not tell you something? Go and do something usefull, like get a job sweeping the streets.


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