Tips about How to Win a Woman’s Heart

Do you know the reason that you are still alone even though so many years has passed?

A survey shows the understanding of women to men largely comes from the ways men pursue women. In other words, whether you can win a woman’s heart or not depends on your method and attitude in the course of your intercourse. Women like to be wooed and respected and cherished. And the most important is the attention to her. Therefore, men should give women the most is attention. However, most men only know how to begin to woo women, but few people know how to get dropscene.

What are the techniques about attention?

1. If you like a woman, you must let her know. Otherwise, nothing will happen. Therefore, you must start your pursuit with great courage. When you are in the same room with her, you must spend all of your time in showing your attention to her. Do not look around so that she mistakenly thinks you are in the selection of “one-night love”. A pursuit can start from observing her body language such as smile, stroking hair and so on. Once you find the performances, you should take immediate action. Do not spend time in ogling lest somebody else may have led up. Even worse, she might think you stupid and you will never get anything from her.

2. Step forward and the first word should be said by you. The key to maintain her interest in the conversation and let the conversation continue is to focus on her. Talk about various topics related to her life – music, eats, drink, restaurants, movies, studies, friends etc. The key is to never talk about yourself unless she asks (which shows she is interested in you). But even so, your answer should be as brief as possible and focus on her again ASAP.

3. Get contact information. With the development of conversation, you can express the desire to keep up the intercourse and ask for her phone number. The first call should be made at least in two days. In the call, you should express your great pleasure in last conversation and her personality impresses you favourably. Remember the time of the first call should be controlled within 20 minutes. The pivotal step to victory is that you must first close the conversation. If she wants to hang up first, the initiative will be in her charge. The call should end in your inviting her out.

4. Moderation is very important. It is human nature that everyone wants to be loved by others. As a kind of social animal, we need a sense of belongingness. We need to be accepted. Once this feeling become less stable, we will strive to keep it as much as possible.

5. Play cat and mouse skills. You should stop deliver to her so much attention timely. Let her call you. Cheerfully chat with her on the call, and the time can be longer. Let her feel you really are very willing to speak with her. After that, politely tell her that you now have to work and you’re really so happy to chat with her and you will call her. But do not tell when you’ll call. Let her wait a few days. She will wonder why you do not call her and will be bursting to call you. In this way, the initiative is in your charge. When you receive her first phone, you must show tremendous excitement. Otherwise, she maybe won’t give you call any more.

6. You must know Psychological Tactics That Can Win a Woman’s Heart.

In a word, the purpose of the whole plan is to make her confused. Firstly, make her think you love her very much. Then make her think that it seems not so. So both the two feelings are alternately generated in her heart. Thereby the desire that she wants you to accept her would like to be fierce more and more. So she begins to express more attention to you to make sure you really like her. Then, she will wonder why she is willing to spend so much time in you. In the end, she draws a conclusion – she really likes you.

My plan is designed to help those “good man”, not for people who want to seduce women. We all know that the result of “good man” is always “we finally break up.” Because they always make a woman feel bored. Of course, even such a clever way also needs some flexibility and mobility. Good luck!

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